An underground and illegal laboratory, belonging to a group of revolutionaries. It has fake low ceilings. It has the latest technology. It is quite dirty and everything should look like it has a layer of grime to show that it is underground. It should be low lit. In center stage is a rectangular, basic white table. It is the only object in the room that is immaculate and spotlessly clean. There is a bright white light that is directed on the center of the table. Directly below the focus of the beam of light, under a glass dome, is a single, expensive classic dark blue ball pen.
Huddled around the table are a few men clad in grubby, dirty white lab coats. They should be standing close enough to make it obvious that their attention is focused on this, but far enough to show how important and frightening the pen is. It is completely silent except for the hushed whispers of the men, to add suspicion.
The LEADER should walk in, dressed in a pristine white lab coat with neatly trimmed hair. He is big built and tall. Stands straight and confident to show he is the leader.
LEADER: (walks over to the table. Men stand up straight in response to him.) Are the glitches fixed?
ONE OF THE MEN: Yes, sir.
LEADER: Good. I hope you are ready for tomorrow.(Switches on the television with the remote he already had in his hand. The General appears on screen. He is making a speech.)
GENERAL: I spoke to my advisors regarding the signing of the human rights treaty with the West. They have suggested that I should sign the treaty, but I don’t have to necessarily follow it. Tomorrow will be the day that I shall sign the peace treaty. However, I cannot stand this human rights treaty. What thoughts can work for other countries can’t just bloody work for our country. We have suffered for the last 50 years because we haven't have an army, and now this human rights treaty requires all countries to disarm and not have an army. We cannot accept this term - what if our western neighbour Germany attacks us? We need an army of youngsters as they are far more efficient and fit than elders. We shall create our own youth. Whoever is against my point should immediately leave the country. We need a bunch of young and muscular children who have the ability to show their skills if a war takes place. We shall not get scared by our western neighbours. Long live our country.
Interior of the general’s office,
GENERAL: (to adviser) well, as you know in a couple of minutes I will be signing a treaty with the United Nations...(gets up from his chair and stands, facing advisor) However I have no intentions of following this treaty and its inadequate terms.
ADVISOR: (confused) But in your speech you said that you do not approve of the treaty. Why are you signing it?
GENERAL: If I reject the UN’s proposal - believe me I would love too!(increases his tone) - We would no longer be allied with other countries. They will posses strong feelings of animosity towards our nation and will cut down all trade links between us. Our nation cannot afford that to happen! Can it? I know their ideology is utter nonsense and inefficient! But in order to safeguard my nation I am ready, I am ready to dupe the UN!
(The GENERAL marches out of the room. Black out. He enters into a press conference room, where the UN LEADER and ADVISOR are seated. They rise when he enters. Flashes start going off from the reporters off to the sides. The GENERAL walks onto his podium and shakes hand with the UN LEADER.
UN AMBASSADOR: So I believe that we are at an agreement here? The signing of these papers would mean that we are at a truce and that your country policy of condemning children into the army and denying them education has come to an end.
GENERAL: We accept. But do you understand that this would mean the trade bans with my country have been lifted?
UN AMBASSADOR: yes, we do. A new beginning to a better, more beautiful world. (He clicks the pen. There is a silence for 2-3 seconds. Suddenly, sounds effects come on: an explosion. Red lights begin flashing on the stage. After 4 seconds of this, screaming begins. There is a black out It ends with a newsreel: ‘BREAKING NEWS: BOMB BLAST IN….’)

In your piece titled 'the pen is mightier than the sword' what does the pen stand for? (4 marks)
Generally this phrase means that words are better than brute force.
We decided to use the phrase literally the General in our script is symbolic of the sword as he rules by brute force and the pen an explosive device which eventually kills him.
Pen is also an appropriate as a prop because in the play the general has to sign a treaty
Pen is also symbolic of education- General has denied education for children and this has caused the revolution.

What happened at the climax of your piece based on 'the pen is mightier than the sword'? how effective was this section when you performed it? (4 marks)
Climax- when the General calls his advisor for the documents
The advisor is the 'mole'- leader of the revolution- shocks the audience- horrieifed they know something is going to go terribly wrong.
The UN ambassador's words are ironic- he thinks its a new beginning in reality it is a tragic ending as there is a devastating bomb blast.
As soon as he says the words-blackout. Noise of a thunderous explosion,. silence and then panicked voices.