Chapter 8
  • This chapter is a turning point in the family dynamics of the Chawlas. Discuss how and why relationships have changed?
  • Even Sampath's colleagues' views on him have chagnged. Discuss how?
  • What is the narrator's attitude towards Ms Jyotsna and Mr Gupta?
  • Discuss the comic value of the advice that Sampath gives to the devotees? What is the narrator's attitude to the village folk of Shahkot?
  • Why is Kulfi so obsessed with cooking? What does it reveal about her personality? While Mr Chawla and Ammaji are stereotypical characters, how is Kulfi different from other mothers?
  • Discuss Kulfi's relationship with her son.

Chapter 9:
  • This chapter focuses on Pinky's character development. Using PETER analyse 4 key aspects of her character.
  • How is the scene at the bazaar important to the rest of the novel?
  • Discuss how Desai adds humour in this chapter.