• The character of Mr. Chawla has been caricaturised (exaggerated for comic effect). Find three examples of how Desai has caricaturised Mr Chawla and explain the effect
ANS1- the first example of how desai has caricaturised Mr Chawla is : his long "Ommmm" that is apart of his daily ritual. Desia uses verbes like "roar" to describe his chants, comparing it to that of a lion as a roar is genuinely a loud and bold sound. Furtheremore supporting the fact that Mr.Chawla is the head of his family and the commanding man in charge. The second example is: Mr.Chawlas actions. As Mr,Chawla banged the news paper to the table where sampath was seated. However desai has portrayed it to be as extremely hard as she stated " boom". "Hard on the fly leaving nothin but feeble legs waving above a dirty, jammy mess and a blur of iriescent wing" Desai is using verbs and adjectivites to portray Mr.Chawlas actions as hostile causing him to leave a mess. The description of the Dead fly is very vivid to reveal the impact of Mr.Chawlas actions.

  • What is Kulfi's role in this chapter?
ANS2- kulfis role in thos chapter is off a caring and concern mother as she says" poor Sampath". However her love for nature and her immediate cravings resulted in her dreaming of food and the envirnoment which ostracized her from the family disscusions " kulfi though was not interested` and sat by the window thinkin of deep-scented,deep- hearted world of pepper- corn berries/ of cinnamon bark."
  • Discuss the relationship between Pinky and Sampath in this chapter.
ANS3- Pinky is explaining to her family about the cinema monkey and that it is not safe for girl to go and it is humiliating if targeted, However Ammaaji suggests Sampath to go with her"he can protect you". However pinky is not sure about the fact thay he will protect her as she states" the monkey will probably choose me as the best person to target if sampath is with me". This proves that she fele that sampath is not capable and responsible enough to look after her which shows a negatove relationship among the two. Pinky is very self -conscious and thus stated" he is liike this by nature, but he should buy new shoes from bata, looking like taht he will not get anywhere" this proves that she feels her own brother is unrepresentable and needs to buy new clothing accessaries.
  • How is Ammaji shown to be a stereotypical grandmother in this chapter? Give evidence from the text.
Ammaji is shown as a sterotypical granny as she revelas feeling of love and concern for her grandchild "poor sampath, look at him,sitting,sitting there as usual,with no raise in pay or promotion anywhere in sight: Furthermore stereotypical grand-mothers never lose faith in their grandchildren and always think postive and keep high hopes as she states" wait and see even if it appears he is going down hill, he will come up out on the other side, yes on top of the world, he is just taking the longer route". They never lose hope and will always think high and be unrealistic just to motivate their grandchild.

  • How do the events of this chapter (the mention of monkeys, wedding preparation, what Sampath does at the post-office) set up the rest of the novel?
  • The events in chapter 4 prove that sampath chawla has finally had enough. With the chaos and turmoil caused by the chawla family at home sampath cannot bare it anymore. At the wedding he makes a complete fool of himself by removing his cloths dancing in the fountain . He doesn’t care now and just wants to run away , somewhere he can find peace . He aso seems to love nature as a result he runs away from his family and lives on a TREE. He just cannot wake up in the morning and listen to mr chawlas arguments and the family eruptions that are noisy ,
  • Why do you think Desai makes Sampath work at the post office? What ideas are associate with a typical post-office in India?