Science fiction
Main Character
  • Onn
  • His Excellency Cottafts
  • Humans
Theme (s)
  • how humans think that they are far superior than others- arrogance
  • do not try to understand one another (who doesn't understand whom- be specific!)
  • difficult for humans to coexist with another species
  • what does it mean to be cultured and civilised
post-WW II- sets the mood for the destructive nature of humans
backyard of a farm in England
The Globe where Onn and his fellowmen live, come from Forta- important as this is a science-fiction story. Sci-fi was gaining popularity in the 40s and 50s with the space race between USA and USSR.
Humans can never live in peace and harmony with themselves or with any other species. They're full of themselves and never bother to look at what may lie beyond their knowledge and understanding. (well-stated)
Nature v/s the alien species- the reason for them to leave Forta
Narrative point of view
  • Onn (first person)
  • Third person omniscient for the humans
  • creatures come in search of new and beautiful place but instead get annihilated by the very inhabitants (where are the quotations from the text?)
  • The creatures leave their homeland as they face extinction and they become extinct on Earth
  • Humans think that the Globe is not a remarkable achievement and if it was from outer space it shows a very rudimentary type of civilisation- however, Cottafts' speech reveals that they are anything but unintelligent.
  • Graham compares the highly intelligent extra-terrestials to bugs who are seen as insignificant
Stylistic devices
  • the dual perspective- third person narrative sections v/s Onn's first person point of view- what is the effect?
  • rhetorical devices in Cottafts' speech?
(letters, diaries, notes etc)
  • Journal entry - Onn- why do you think he keeps a journal?
  • Cottafts' speech
The creatures who came with hope and peace were killed by humans, who are destructive at the slightest hint of suspicion. They consider the extra-terrestrials to be equivalents of malicious pests who should be killed immediately. Irony is that humans are the ones who are truly malicious. Without even attempting to understand this new life form, they annihilate it.
Thinking points
How are humans and aliens presented in this story?